? Guidelines

Important information, such as rules, plot, etc., can be found here.

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? Announcements

Important announcements will be made here from time to time.

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? Pending Applications

All character applications awaiting approval should be posted here.

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? Accepted Applications

Character applications will be moved here, to the appropriate sub board, upon approval.

? Character Graveyard

All applications of inactive or deceased characters will be moved here.

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? Claims

All claims(face claims, ic position claims, etc.) need to be made here.



? Plotting

Need people to post with? You can post plot pages here for other members to respond to. One plot page per member!

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? Wanted Characters

If you're looking for someone to play a certain character, you can post a wanted ad for them here.

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? Thread Trackers

You can keep track of the threads you have participated in here. One thread per member!

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? Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is the entrance to the tower. The Grand Hall is a large, ornate room with high ceilings and a grand entrance. In here, you'll find a large staircase, leading up to the first floor. Off to one side is the entrance to the tower's storage, usually locked by the tower's caretaker. On the other side of the hall is the entrance to the Feast Hall.

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? Feast Hall

The Feast Hall is a large room with towering, ornate stained glass windows off to one side and large statues lining the other wall, depicting the divines. Long tables fill the room where the tower's residents are welcome to partake in meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here every day. At the head of the room, there is a table reserved for the Circle mages. This table looks out upon the rest of the hall, with a seat in the middle reserved for the archmage.

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? Kitchen

Food is stored and prepared here by the Tower's cook and his or her scullery maids. The room is located on the ground floor, just off the Feast Hall. The kitchen has its own entrance and exit that leads out to the tower's garden and grounds.

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? Circle Room

This large, circular room is located on the ground floor of the tower and is out of bounds to everyone outside of the Circle who does not have permission to enter. In the center of this large, magnificent room, is a round table with a seat for each member of the Circle. The only light in the room comes a chandelier above the table with orbs of magic light rather than candles. Lining the walls of the room are statues of previous archmages.

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? Stair Tower

The Stair Tower stretches from the first floor of the tower, all the way up to the ninth floor. The stairs spiral all the way up the center of the tower, lit by a beam of magic light stretching all the way up.

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? Library

The library takes up the entire third floor of the tower. It's an amazing room, broken into sections, with high ceilings and bookshelves that stretch almost up to the top. There's large, stained glass windows within the library, in front of which are comfortable window seats. There are tables located within the room for the tower's residents to do their research. Books are not to leave the library unless signed out with permission from the librarian. On the ceiling of the library, there are large, murals that depict the divines.

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? The Infirmary

The infirmary is located on the eighth floor of the tower. There are a number of beds in this room for those who may be feeling ill. Curtains are provided for those who may require more privacy than others. The room of the infirmary's healer is located just off to the side. The infirmary is open to all tower residents, though they have never turned away an injured or sick person. Students and younglings are always under the constant gaze of the healer when in the infirmary.

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? Storage Room

The storage room is a rather dark and dank room, off limits to just about everyone besides tower staff and the tower's caretaker. This doesn't always keep people out though.

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? Common Areas

The Common Areas within the tower are very comfortable rooms with a large fireplace and plenty of places for lounging or just hanging around.

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? Classrooms

The classrooms are where most of the learning goes on within the Tower. Every classroom is different and is run by a different teacher.

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? Bedrooms

There are many bedrooms throughout the tower. Aside from the younglings and students, everyone has a small bedroom of their own. The younglings and students are all housed within four, large rooms: one for female younglings, one for male younglings, one for female students, and one for male students. Both the younglings and the students have a caretaker who watches over them.

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? Hall of Faelbane

The Hall of Faelbane takes up the entire ninth floor of the tower and is usually used for special events. It's a magnificent room lined with stained glass windows. It's often used for balls.

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? Hall of Knowledge

The Hall of Knowledge is located on the eighth floor. It's a very large room used for training in more advanced magics and spells. It's mostly used by arcane masters when training their apprentices.

See the Flame -Adia- by ADIA ROSE RAVENCROFT Jun 6, 2013 23:08:49 GMT -5
? Hall of Gathering

The Hall of Gathering is a large room in which the tower staff and teachers convene.

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? The Roof

The Roof of the tower is open to all residents of the tower, but is off limits to younglings and the younger students. The only exception is during special events that take place before the statue of Arniel Faelbane. The statue stands in the center of the roof and depicts him holding a staff that emits a strange glow from the orb at the end.

Bleed[OPEN] by ELI JACOB ROSWELL May 26, 2013 1:08:45 GMT -5
? The Tower Grounds

The Tower has a lot of grounds, extending out to the nearby forest. They're well tended, taken care of by the groundskeeper.

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? Bronwyn Forest

Just like any forest, the Bronwyn Forest can be exceptionally dangerous when you're not cautious enough. The Bronwyn Forest borders the western side of the Faelbane Tower grounds.

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? The Coast

The Arcane Sea borders Van'ostgar to the east, as well as the Faelbane Tower grounds. There's a long, very rocky drop from the tower to the sea.

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? Cities

The cities play a big part in the kingdom of Van'ostgar, especially considering the many ports and the bountiful populations.

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? Villages

There are plenty of villages throughout Van'ostgar, both big and small.

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? Lake Illyria

Lake Illyria was named for the goddess, Illyri. It's a large, beautiful lake located just south of the Tower of Faelbane.

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? Traelith Mountains

The Traelith Mountains happen to be the largest mountain range in all of Ciryatan. They're located in the southernmost part of the kingdom. It's no surprise that travel here can be dangerous, though there are also plenty of mines to profit from.

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? Greetings

New to the forum? Come here and introduce yourself!

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? Goodbyes

Whether you're leaving for a short time or for good, please post your away messages here.

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? Help

If you need help with anything or if you're experiencing any technical problems with the forum, please post here. You're better off posting your questions here than in the cbox, where they might go unnoticed.

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? Feedback

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to post here. We're always open to new ways to improve the quality of the forum.

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? Advertisements

This is the only place where advertisements are permitted to be posted on the forum. GUEST FRIENDLY

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